Technical Expertise

Wells Plastics is a preferred partner for technological innovation by many leading plastic processing companies.

In addition Wells are often approached by forward thinking chemical producers launching new products into the plastics industry. Our fully equipped laboratory enables our technical staff to rapidly prototype new formulations, conduct extensive in house testing and offer our customers a first rate sampling service.

Whether you manufacture polymers, or use plastic materials or components in your products, Element experts support your quality program with deep expertise and accurate testing.

Contact us with your questions about materials selection, deformulation or reverse engineering, chemical analysis and contaminant identification, production process support, or failure mode analysis. Our polymer scientists and engineers can assist you with micro and macro materials issues, while protecting your deadlines and bottom lines.

Plastic Energy

These are some examples that show how advanced materials like plastics can help us save energy and will help us create a sustainable future.
A lighter world with plastics!

Plastics can even help you conserve your own energy! Plastic packaging means lighter shopping to carry home.

Capture the wind’s power with plastics!

Wind power is free but did you know that capturing the power of the wind would be impossible without plastics? Special plastics are used in the wind turbine covers and huge blades to tap into this environmentally friendly energy source!